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You can prepare yourself for volunteering by:
  • Set aside at least 2 hours per week specifically for spending time at the shelter.
  • Turn your volunteer time into part of your routine so it’s harder to skip.
  • Consider becoming a volunteer with a friend or family member so you can go together.
Volunteers need to be reliable.  We need to know that we can count on a group of people to keep the animals healthy and happy.
When volunteering remember that at the shelter there is a possibility that you will be working inside and outside in the elements always dress accordingly.  You are volunteering at your own risk and you will be required to sign a waiver so that we will not be held liable.  The shelter can be a noisy place to work and although some of the animals are used to being there, they could be afraid of you the same way you maybe afraid of them.  If you are not sure about approaching an animal ask a shelter employee for assistance first.  Accidents do and can happen, and sometimes a scratch or a bite is just a scared animal’s way of trying to protect itself.
You wonder what sort of duties you could be responsible for as a volunteer.  Some of the duties will include playing with puppies but other needs may include:
  • Walking Dogs
  • Socializing Dogs
  • Showing pets to potential adopters
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
  • Photographing pets
  • Landscaping
  • Office tasks such as printing or copying
  • Fostering
Decide what tasks you’d be most comfortable with initially and make sure the staff is aware of any limitations you have.  As you spend more time volunteering, you’ll find a good routine and may even take on more hours and responsibilities.
Volunteering at our shelter can be a great addition to your resume if you are looking toward a paying position in a shelter.  There are benefits for you and the animals such as:
  • Your efforts will help an animal get ready and increase its chances for a new home.
  • Meet new friends
  • Boost your mood and your health
  • Gain experience
  • Trying something new is fun
  • Stay active
  • Become part of a very important team
Volunteering can be a long-term commitment and may not always be easy or convenient, but if you can stick with it, volunteering with animals is one of the most rewarding experiences available.  All it requires is a little dedication and a whole lot of love.


Volunteers are the heart of what helps a shelter operate. The animals that end up in these shelters have no voice to let us know that they are hurt, sad, and just want some one to take them home.  All they want are food to eat, a warm bed and family to love them.  Working at the shelter can make a difference on how these animals deal with their time in a shelter waiting for their forever home. You can help make a difference with volunteering a few hours a day, week or with your donation. Please help us make a difference.  

Animal Protection League depend on volunteers to help with a lot of the work at our shelter.  As a non-profit shelter we depend on volunteers to keep operations running smoothly and the doors open to the public.  Volunteers are a vital and often unsung heroes.  Volunteers often do the work for the love of the cause.
On the surface, volunteering at a shelter may just look like petting and walking puppies. The shelter needs a lot more than that.  Our application and training process are not to frustrate you or deter you, it’s to ensure that you are committed and reliable.  To often, shelters receive interest from people who aren’t prepared to dedicate more than 1 or 2 visits at the most.  The training and understanding the shelter’s standard procedures, the process can be waste when trained volunteers quit after spending as little as 20 minutes playing with puppies.

​​Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer today!